Temple Hedz are a world electronic act founded in 2002 by UK Producer, Writer and Musician, Paul Savery (born 1973). 

 Paul began his musical journey following in his Fathers footsteps, playing drums in Essex based Indie bands like 'The Waterflowers' and 'Opium Den'  supporting bands of the time, The Sultans of Ping, The Darling Buds and Transvision Vamp. When the early 90's dance & electronica scene began to rise into the music industry this captured Pauls attention. Emerging artists like Banco de Gaia, Transglobal underground and William Orbit  as well as club nights Whirl-Y-Gig  and Megadog were the catalyst for what was to come from Paul in the studio. He began investing his time in this new sound, generating a collision of genres from alternative dance to the familiar guitar based music he was used to. 

Beyond this - 1997 - 2003 Paul could be found performing as a session percussionist, and resident DJ in clubs across the South East.
In 1999 Paul spent 6 months in South Africa, birthplace of his Mother.  He submerged himself in Africa's different continents and cultures whilst there, from Botswana to the Namibian tribes where he shared his love of Djembe and its healing powers. Not stopping at percussion, Paul's love of guitar playing kickstarted a whole new sound, drawing from earlier influencers like The Cure, Levitation and Janes Addiction which were a huge part of his teenage years. 
Other musical inspirations that can be heard on his productions came from travelling to remote parts of Asia like Nepal and trekking the mountains of The Himalayas where he visited many sacred locations and found solace in Temples and Shrines throughout his journeys.
In 2002, a new project was created, 'Kat-Man-Du',  yet this swiftly evolved into something bigger...  
Paul began merging global rhythms with deep thumbing bass lines crossed with psychedelic melodies, spacey yet grungy guitars and rock solid drum grooves which gave birth to what we now know as
Temple Hedz.

To date they have released 1 studio album 'Between Worlds',
6 EP's and 4 singles.
 2020 saw the release of the single 'Sanctuary' which is available as a digital release.
2021 had 2 EP releases. 'Sanctuary-Versions' featuring Dr Trippy. Followed by 'Transcendia (20th Anniversary Edition)' This features a new celebratory remix version plus the original from 2001.
2023 saw the release of Temple Hedz second single of the year, 'Inferno' out on 21st April 2023 on Bandcamp then  followed by a third single ' Fields of Light and Grey'  released worldwide on 15th September 2023.
December 2023 saw the last THZ release 'Colours Of Nyanza'

Paul has remixed for Banco de Gaia adding his own spark to 'Mafich Arabi',  which eventually led to Paul's 'Dimensions' featuring on the various artist compilation 'Strange Eyed-Constellations', an accolade for Temple Hedz. 

Temple Hedz have pleased crowds from the Dance Village in Glastonbury Festival to furthering fields of the UK and beyond.

  ~ Whirl-Y-Fayre ~ Sunrise ~ Floating Lotus ~ Eastern Haze ~ Endorset in Dorset~The Big Green Gathering ~ Solfest ~ Beautiful Days ~ Bohemia Fayre ~ Cosmic Puffin  ~ Whirl-Y-gig ~ Planet Angel ~ Beatherder ~ Synergy ~Tbilisi Stadium, Georgia ~